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Terms & Conditions - Supplier

Terms and conditions Supplier

All coupons formed by a supplier (“Supplier”) on Cashico.com shall follow the terms and conditions set out hereunder (“the Terms”).



1.         If a Supplier desires to build a coupon on Cashico.com: he must provide the following information; the details, specifications, and discount of the coupon offer, the start and end dates of the campaign, the quantity of the coupons, and any other details that Cashico.com may need.

2.         All contents of coupons are subject to Cashico.com approval and Cashico.com reserves the right to hold back any coupon from publication for any reason at all.

3.         Cashico.com preserves the right to amend or revise, or to refuse, even after approval for publication, any coupon deemed to be lying or unpleasant in subject matter or wording, or inappropriate for any other reason.

4.         Positioning of coupons is at the sole prudence of Cashico.com.

5.         The supplier acknowledges that Cashico.com makes no guarantee of any nature as to the accomplishment of any coupon placed on any of its or its customers sites.

6.         Once this agreement is entered between the parties then the terms as stated herein, the supplier must  apply all the details, information, discount, start and end date of the coupons placed by him.




7.         The supplier affirms and represents to Cashico.com that:

7.1.      It has the right to issue the contents of the coupon, without breach of any rights of any third party including, without limitation, intellectual property rights;

7.2.      It will be completely responsible for the terms including, without limitation, product description, price, discount  and fulfillment with all valid laws and regulations toward customers who have seen the coupon showed by Cashico.com.

7.3. The supplier undertakes to pay the sum specified by Cashico.com before the placement of the Coupon. Cashico.com and only Cashico.com will decide the method of payment and it should be followed by the supplier in order to facilitate the placement.




8.         Cashico.com makes no guarantees of any kind, whether direct or indirect, in relation to the Website.

9.         The Supplier will defend or settle at its own expense any action or other proceedings brought against Cashico.com that relates to the coupon.

10.       Cashico.com will not be legally responsible for the Supplier or for any other person for any loss or damages of any nature whatsoever, counting indirect or significant damages or any loss of profit or special damages of any nature whatsoever which the Supplier or any other human being may experience as a result of any coupons published.

11.       Every logical precaution is taken to make sure that coupons are inserted the right way, but Cashico.com will not be held accountable for any inaccuracies or omissions or for any outcome arising therefore.

12. Cashico.com is not responsible whatsoever for the campaign reach and success




13.       The terms shall be interpreted according to the laws of the Lebanese Republic and any disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Lebanese court.

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